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Tailor Made Holidays to Egypt

Create amazing Tailor Made Holidays to Egypt 2021/2022

Tailor Made Holidays to Egypt give you the opportunity to discover the great history of Egypt in all eras. Design your dream tour to Egypt and get your own itinerary to be an unforgettable trip in your life.

Discover Egypt with an Egypt holiday specialist who offers you a range of tailor made tours, adventures, and special travel packages to the most amazing attractions in Egypt. We have a huge experience accumulated during all these years, offering customized private guided tours with excellent results. We don’t just sell tours, we make your dreams come true!

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    Egypt Small Group Tours

    Your Group Tours to Egypt can’t be an ideal Egypt tour without a comprehensive visit to archaeological sites such as Cairo, the pyramid of Giza, Luxor, Aswan, a Nile cruise, and a dip in the Red Sea. Don’t worry about your booking during this current situation, you can book your Egypt tour package now with a flexible cancellation policy and travel safely thereafter. Stay safe
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    Egypt Honeymoon Packages

    Looking for Egypt Honeymoon Packages ideas to enjoy a romantic honeymoon in Egypt? We offer you special honeymoon packages to Egypt so you can enjoy these important dates and create impressive memories, together with your partner. Traveling as a couple gives you an overdose of excitement while visiting wonders of the world like The Giza Pyramids, the ancient temples of…
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    Egypt Small Group Tours, Group Tours to Egypt, best small group tours egypt, luxury small group tours egypt
    15 tours

    Egypt Family Tours

    Looking for the best Egypt Family Tours that suits your family needs? Don’t worry, you are in right place now you can enjoy spending a wonderful family vacation with your family, whether big or small, with the best means of comfort and safety for all family members, so that you can spend the most wonderful…
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    Egypt Easter Tours

    Looking for Egypt Easter Tours & Holiday for the Easter vacation of 2021? Plan your Easter trip to Egypt now and make it different! We offer a variety of Easter holiday packages for you, so we always have the option to customize your trip. You will discover the Egyptian civilization in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel. During your tour, you will…
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    Egypt Classic Tours

    We offer impressive classic holiday options for Egypt 2021, enjoy the best Classic Egypt Tours & Packages deals in Egypt for to visit the fantastic attractions of Cairo and sail along the Nile River ( Luxor, Aswan ) aboard the best cruises, enjoying the comfort of their facilities and letting yourself be pampered by the service and attention of Egypt Time Travel.
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    Egypt Small Group Tours, Group Tours to Egypt, best small group tours egypt, luxury small group tours egypt
    11 tours

    Egypt Budget Tours

    Spend your vacation in Egypt with the best collection of Egypt budget tours and enjoy the Egyptian Pharaonic history between the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, and the Red Sea like Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam, where you will take pictures behind the colorful coral reefs. We have at your disposal various rounds…
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    Incredible places to visit in Egypt.

    What you can't miss in Tailor Made Holidays in Egypt?

    The main interest of traveling to Egypt is to visit places with a history and very rich heritage. Explore the best places you should include in your tailor made holiday to Egypt:

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    1. Enter the pyramids as in the past, navigate the live Nile among palm trees or spend a night in the desert. This magical destination has real gems, these are some of the places to see in Egypt.
    2. Abu Simbel Temple: imposing because of its busts at the entrance, it was moved stone by stone from its original place for the construction of the great dam of Aswan. You will be amazed by the detailed engravings and paintings inside.
    3. Marsa Alam: a small town located on the shore of the Red Sea, perfect for diving in Egypt. The golden color of the sand in conjunction with the blue of the waters, and its proximity to the Arabian desert, gives it a special charm.
    4. Luxor: Also known as Thebes in times past, it was the capital of ancient Egypt. It is an essential place on your trip to Egypt. Here you can visit the temples of Luxor and Amun, the avenue of sphinxes, the Valley of the Kings or the tombs of Ramses III, and its precious paintings, among other wonders.
    5. Giza Pyramids: The most iconic of Egypt, the three pyramids of CheopsKhafre, and Menkaure. Getting to the Giza plateau from Cairo, with the imposing geometric and perfect structures appearing from afar, is a unique experience. The famous sphinx safeguarding the pyramids and the camels in the sand are a memory for eternity.
    6. Mosque of Mohamed Ali: It is one of the first features to be seen when approaching the city in any direction.
    7. Hanging Church: One of the oldest churches in Egypt.
    Top things you should do in Egypt

    Top Activities to do in Egypt with our tailor-made tours

    If you planning your trip to Egypt to visit this incredible country and looking for Egypt travel tips about what activities to do here, Egypt Time Travel gives you some tips about the top activities to include in your tailor made holidays in egypt. 

    1. A cruise on the Nile admiring the golden temples under the sun and surrounded by palm trees.
    2. Visit the numerous temples, such as the Temple of the god Horus in Esna, the Temple of the queen-pharaoh Hatshepsut, the Temple of Philae dedicated to Isis, and many more.
    3. Get lost in the souks (Markets) of mythical cities like Cairo and Alexandria.
    4. Dive in the Red Sea or snorkel, one of the best places in the world to discover the underwater world.
    5. Tour the Egypt oases and deserts, watch the sunset, and camp for the night.
    6. El- Fishawi Cafe – The most famous and legendary cafe at the heart of Cairo.
    7. For other adventures, try going to the Haram District of Cairo, and look for any horse-riding stables. There, you can rent a horse for a few hours and ride, or even ride a camel out in the desert by the pyramids and the Sphinx.
    8. Ride a Felucca boat (a small boat that can carry up to 20 individuals) in the Nile of Cairo. There you can experience the beauty of the Nile and the surrounding scenery, where you can see the city and its buildings and streets from within the water around.
    9. Cairo Tower is the tallest building in Egypt, and you can go up the tower and have a nice dinner with a full view of Cairo from above.
    10. Discover the Jewish and Christian History by seeing more about Egypt’s Christian and Jewish history,. There are at least two Jewish synagogues dating back many years ago when Egypt had a population of a few hundred thousand Jews in the country.
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