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Climate in Egypt

Travelers visit Egypt throughout the year. Winter is the best season to stay in Egypt and enjoy the outdoors. The beach resorts are open all year round.

Prepared to face the summer heat, you can take advantage of the most attractive prices during this period. But what remains certain is that the sun will be your host all year round, with on average only 6 rainy days in Cairo for example.

The period between October and April is the best time to visit Egypt. Thus, the months of December and January are the highest seasons in Egypt, especially for warm places like Luxor, Aswan, Sinai, and Cairo & Giza. Tourist numbers reach their peak between November and February when the temperatures are very pleasant.

Even at this time of year, the sun remains warm in southern Egypt and the very mild temperatures allow hotels in the Red Sea to stay open so you can escape the cold winter temperatures in Europe or elsewhere.

As for the summer months in Egypt, it is too hot and dry. If you have arranged a holiday in Egypt from May to August, the sun becomes so strong that you must carry sunscreen with you.

The Nile Delta region and Cairo are cold from October to February. Besides the weather, the Islamic calendar can have a huge impact on your plans to travel to Egypt.

The weather in Egypt is more often sunny and warm all year round. Even the wettest regions of the country, like Rafah and Alexandria, they only occur 46 days of rain per year. In case you plan to travel during the month of Ramadan, it will be a very exceptional adventure.

In the month of Ramadan, Egypt manifests its peculiarity during that month. This is the best country where you can live the true spirit of Ramadan. During this month, Egypt disguises itself as a celebration and the Ramadan celebrations do not stop all night.

During the summer months, temperatures rise throughout Egypt but the weather is particularly hot in the south where the temperatures in Aswan regularly reach 45 ° during the day.

Temperatures in Cairo and other parts of the country are not nearly as high but remain elevated from May to September. Even if the visits can be trying in this hot weather, you can take advantage of attractive prices during this season.

In your suitcases, it is essential to carry with you: a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, a thermos flask that you will fill daily with mineral water, a fogger that will effectively cool you, and especially a jacket that you bring always with you in restaurants and transport, where the temperature drops to 18 ° C due to the air conditioning.


Climate Egypt in December and January
December and January can also record cold temperatures, up to 5-10° but rarely for long periods. The Sinai peninsula is generally the preferred destination at this time of year especially for European vacationers, for its offer of sun and sea.

Generally, the sea temperature is quite cool in this period, but still pleasant. These months generally remain an ideal period for visiting any other Egyptian location, where daytime temperatures are mild, with the almost total absence of rainfall.


Climate Egypt in April
Spring and especially the month of April offer the first warmth and depending on the winds also the first greeting of summer! The “Khamsin”, the typical sirocco wind of this period, can bring not only a great heat but also large quantities of sand, generating real storms!

The variations due to the wind and the temperatures it brings can also be very sudden and re-propose real “winter” moments. If you visit Egypt in this period then, in any location, get ready for any weather variation.


Climate Egypt in August
August is extremely hot and torrid in Cairo. The average temperature during the month reaches a maximum of 34° C, during the day, and at night it never drops below 22° C. The maximum rarely drops below 30 degrees and can easily reach even 38 degrees. The highest average daily maximum temperature is the first of the month.

The 1st of August is, in fact, the hottest day of the year in Egypt, the average temperatures in Cairo on this day generally vary from 24 degrees minimum to 36 degrees maximum, while January 20, which is instead the coldest of the year, ranging from 10 to 20 degrees.


Egypt Climate Stats
Egypt is practically never a rainy country, much less in August, the month in which it cannot be expected to rain, there are 13 guaranteed hours of sunshine per day. The percentage of time the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy is about 1% during the month.

The happiest day of the month is August 31. To have a margin of reference, on December 10, the most cloudy day of the year, the possibility of overcast or mostly cloudy skies is 28%, while on June 26, the clearest day of the year, the possibility of clear skies, mostly clear or partly cloudy is 100%.


The best time to visit Egypt
Generally, you can visit Egypt all year round. Fall and spring are recommended as the best times to enjoy your visit to Egypt. Avoid hot weather from June to September as much as possible. During the month of Ramadan, take into account changes in schedules for visits to museums and tourist sites.

You will, therefore, choose the off-seasons to discover the whole country. It is also essential to note the importance of avoiding a visit to Egypt during March and April when the Khamsin blows, a sand wind which saturates the air with dust and makes any trip so difficult. If you only visit the South.

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