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Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions

Pricing Information

Kindly we would like to clarify that the prices mentioned on the website are guided prices and they are all open for negotiation. We would like also to mention that the prices mentioned in all tour packages and day tours are quoted per person and infants less than 2 years old can have any tour mentioned on our website free of any charges as long as the tour doesn’t include flight tickets.

Our Tour Prices are updated constantly to make sure that our guests get the best possible rate for their required tour.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend getting your travel insurance before traveling as all the insurance policies cover ant loss/damage to your luggage, medical emergencies that regular insurances don’t usually cover while being overseas. Your travel insurance covers also your travel interruption, any trip cancellation under any circumstances, or any unforeseen events that may end up with the cancellation of your tour.

Personal Expenses

Our tourists come to Egypt to enjoy visiting its tiptop sightseeing and highlights and in the tour itinerary we include tours to the most impressive ones among them but we include the personal expenses neither the tipping nor the visa fees. They are all personal expenses and we can’t include them so feel free to get anything more than we offer from your pocket, we don’t ask for any extra charges or taxes.

Service Inquiries

If you faced any inquiry about any matter or even a problem of any kind while having the tour with us, kindly don’t hesitate in contacting us ant time and we will offer you the best possible solution so keep in mind that we work a day and night to offer you the best possible services.


We take the responsibility on our shoulders your safety and satisfaction all through your tour in Egypt with us and we assume no liability for any sort of illness, damage, injury, any delay from our side and also any of the following cases regarding weather, acts of God, wars, civil disturbances, thefts, riots, mechanical breakdowns, plus any hotels, restaurants cancellation. We won’t ask for any extra charges and we highly recommend getting travel insurance for you to make sure that that everything will be ok in case of any bad luck.

Special Requests & Changes

Regarding any changes that you may want to apply at your tour, you should let us know immediately to check the availability and try to accommodate your requirements in the most professional way. Make sure that any changes from our side are only to ensure full safety and satisfaction and surly we will let you know before any changes and take your approval first.

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Egypt Time Travel offers hundreds of tours and activities for travelers around all Egypt. Experience everything Egypt has to offer! Choose from sightseeing tours to spa escapes to interactive cultural programs and so much more. With new destinations added daily and an easy way to manage your fun.

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