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Entry into Egypt – All Documents you need

Entry into Egypt – All information you will need

For those who are confused and do not know what to do, here are the documents you need to know about an entry visa to Egypt 2021.

Egypt is a country with an impressive heritage that surprises all its visitors. To plan a trip to Egypt, it is important to first solve the bureaucratic procedures for entering the country. The first step is to find out if you need a visa to visit Egypt.

This article is the right source that has been written especially for those who intend to visit Egypt, we also know that there are so many questions to ask in the minds of our visitors before visiting Egypt. After reading this complete guide you will not have any double regarding the documents necessary for the trip to Egypt.


So, What documents do you need to Enter Egypt?

1- Passport:

Egypt, like many countries, asks you to have a valid passport when entering the country and to have enough blank sheets to be able to put the entry and exit stamps of the country.

Traveling to Egypt is allowed, for tourism purposes only, with an electronic identity card with residual validity of at least six months, accompanied by two passport photos (in the absence of which an entry visa is not issued).

If the identity card has been extended with a paper slip, it will not be accepted by the Egyptian authorities, so it is advisable to obtain a passport and keep up to date on current legislation at your Embassies or Consulates of the country and/or your travel agent.

2- Visa:

To travel to Egypt it is necessary to have a visa that can be acquired at the airport of entry into Egypt only if you travel with an ordinary passport. This ordinary visa allows a stay of 30 days and a single entry and costs about $ 25, or its equivalent in euros or Egyptian pounds.

Travelers entering Egypt directly through South Sinai (Sharm El Sheikh, Saint Catherine or Taba airports or by land from Israel through the Taba border crossing) and who intend to stay only in Sinai can opt for a free visa for 15 days.

In case the trip begins in Sinai and the intention is to continue to other parts of Egypt leaving the Sinai Peninsula, it is necessary to obtain the ordinary visa described above.

For all those travelers who arrive in Egypt by land or sea, it is strongly recommended to obtain a visa of origin at the Egyptian Embassy or Consulate in the traveler’s place of residence.

If you are going to cross the borders of different countries to arrive or leave Egypt, it is recommended to obtain a multiple entry visa and not a single entry visas.

Likewise, it is recalled that the mere possession of a visa does not automatically grant the traveler the right to enter Egyptian territory.

The last decision in this regard rests with the local immigration authorities, without there being any procedure for foreign diplomatic and consular authorities to interfere in this type of sovereign decision.

Staying in Egyptian territory beyond the validity of the granted visa constitutes a crime that can lead to harsh penalties.

The citizens must contact the competent Egyptian diplomatic-consular authorities accredited who can help them to provide them with all the necessary information and all documents before visiting Egypt.

To receive a tourist visa through the internet, you could only fill in the form with the following documents:

  • A passport valid for at least eight months from the moment of entry into the country.
  • A credit or debit card to pay Visa’s fees.
  • A valid email address to receive the visa electronically.

It is possible to obtain a visa electronically seven days before the departure date at the following link:


If I am in transit through Egypt, do I need an electronic visa to Entry into Egypt?

You will not need any if your transit/stopover time will be less than 48 hours (you must show the ticket for your subsequent flight). You may be permitted to leave the airport, but you will need to hand in your passport.

You should check with your airline, as they can offer short-term tours for their passengers with transit/stopover times between 6 and 48 hours.

If the transit time is less than 6 hours, you may leave the transit area but not the airport.

The above does not apply to citizens of Iran (who always need a transit visa) or Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, and the Philippines, who must remain in the transit zone at all times.


Are there any mandatory or recommended vaccinations to Entry into Egypt?

Practically about compulsory vaccinations: a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is required from travelers over one year of age and coming from risk areas, such as some countries of Sub-Saharan or West Africa.

This procedure is done only for the health and safety of our travelers from any morning, for this reason, we kindly ask you to follow these procedures to make a fantastic and safe holiday.

In addition to the mandatory issue, it is advisable to have the following vaccines:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Tetanus-diphtheria
  • MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella)

For a safer and quieter trip, it is advisable to hire a medical expenses service and during your stay, you can take the normal precautions to mainly take care of your stomach, which is one of the most common diseases for tourists.


More common questions you need to know when Entry into Egypt.


What currency is there in Egypt? How much is it worth?

Entry to Egypt

As for the local currency, the import and export of foreign currency are free for amounts less than $ 10,000 or equivalent. Higher amounts must instead be declared in order not to receive penalties. The maximum limit of Egyptian currency that can be brought out of the country is EGP 5,000.

The limits indicated may be changed according to the Prime Minister’s decree, in agreement with the Governor of the Central Bank. Better to have a sufficient balance in your credit or debit card avoiding the health crises that happen suddenly during the visits or if you want to visit another tourist city, for example, Alexandria, Sharm El-sheik, Marsa Alam, Luxor, Aswan, etc. or if you want to buy ancient things from the pharaonic era from the khan El Khalili market.

What are the customs checks?

As for customs controls, there are also restrictions on alcohol and cigarettes: it is forbidden to bring more than 1 bottle of alcohol (soft or super) and 1 carton of cigarettes with you and within 24 hours of arrival in the country, additional 3 bottles and 3 cartons of cigarettes can be purchased from authorized shops. Anyone who exceeds these limits can be punished by paying up to 3000% of the duty.

Can you travel to Egypt with HIV?

Unfortunately, Egypt is a country that does not allow the stay of people with AIDS, so they may require some tests before entering the country.

What clothing is advisable to take on a trip to Egypt?

It is advisable to wear fresh clothes but does not leave too many parts of the body exposed, especially in the case of women, as it is considered disrespectful in Egyptian society.


Entry to Egypt


Tips before organizing a trip to Egypt

In any case, visiting Egypt is not impossible if you pay close attention and take the necessary precautions. Here’re our recommendations.

  • Respect and maintain the culture and maintain a behavior appropriate to local use.
  • Never photograph devices, military, and police buildings.
  • Avoid participating in events and keep away from crowds.
  • Avoid going for excursions without a guide and/or expert driver.
  • Rely only on professional tour operators and do not leave the recommended tourist itineraries.
  • Use clothing that is never provocative, and covers up as much as possible (both men and women)
  • Don’t tell anyone about your sexual orientation and don’t use dating apps.
  • Be especially vigilant during periods of religious holidays such as Ramadan or Easter.
  • Leave your passport in a safe deposit box and walk around with only a copy.
  • Do not travel without having carried out the recommended vaccines and without travel insurance.
  • Do not remove corals from the Red Sea and avoid any contact with them, even small trauma can damage them.


Why is it safe to book your vacation with a travel agency !!

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In short, you can travel safely to Egypt. Take the opportunity to take a classic Egypt tour visiting the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt and take a look at our exclusive packages at special prices and with expert guides!

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