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What to take on your trip to Egypt?

What to pack for Egypt? What to Bring with you when traveling to Egypt? What to wear in Egypt? All of them are questions that occupy your mind while planning your trip to Egypt. But do not baffle yourself, it is very simple. In this article, we tried to collect most of the things that you will need during your vacation in Egypt.

A journey through Egypt will lead you to a legendary destination that will allow you to discover some of the most incredible wonders of humanity.

Egypt is a transcontinental country that contains many wonders to know. The Nile River especially in Luxor & Aswan, Cairo, and its famous pyramids, the historic Red Sea are some of the country’s top attractions.

On your trip to Egypt, you will come across very different cultures. However, the country is very well prepared to receive visitors from anywhere in the world.

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What to Pack for Egypt, What to Wear in Egypt

If you are willing to immerse yourself in Egyptian culture, you must keep two important points in mind when preparing your luggage.

  • First: The climate of Egypt.
  • Second: The religion to which the population belongs.

So that you do not make mistakes or disrespect during your visit, here are some tips on what to pack to Egypt.


Points to keep in mind to pack your suitcase to Egypt

We already mentioned that there are two important points to consider when starting to pack your suitcase for traveling in Egypt.

The first is the climate in Egypt, which varies according to the area:

  • In the Sahara desert, it is very hot.
  • On the coast, it is temperate and humid.

But in general, Egypt has a good temperature throughout the year. On the other hand, culture, and religion. Being a Muslim country, the population is conservative, so the dress is usually very discreet, especially for women.


What clothes to pack to Egypt?

What to Pack for Egypt, What to Wear in Egypt

Due to the high temperatures, clothing to wear in Egypt should be light, comfortable, fresh, and preferably light in color, to avoid attracting the strong rays of the sun.

The dress is highly influenced by the Muslim religion, which is why it is characterized by its conservatism, especially for women. This is accentuated when visiting religious buildings.

For this reason, it is recommended:

For women: What to Wear in Egypt
You must take into account the clothing that you are going to wear when traveling in Egypt as a woman. It is a Muslim country and Egyptian women dress in a completely different way from the western way.

The truth is that in Egypt there is no prohibition regarding the way of dressing but we believe that you can save yourself from some uncomfortable situation by dressing in a certain way.

In general, we avoid short pants or skirts, tank tops, low necklines, and tight clothing. We prefer to opt for thin and baggy pants that reach the knee and that on the other hand are more comfortable and fresh.

From the top, we prefer to wear wide t-shirts with covered shoulders. Also, this way we avoid getting burned, since the Egyptian sunburns.

Probably if you are going to visit a mosque, it will be necessary for you to cover yourself if they consider that your clothing does not suit the place you are going to visit. For this reason, we usually always carry a handkerchief in our backpack, which is usually very practical in these cases.

We must not fall into the error of thinking that this only happens in Muslim countries since if you visit a Catholic church or a Buddhist temple, you will almost certainly also see restrictions when entering with certain clothing.

If you go to the more touristy areas of the Red Sea and you are going to use the facilities of your hotel or swimming pool, you can wear a swimsuit or bikini, although it is better to avoid mini bikinis.

However, if you are going to be in less touristy areas where the locals are not used to tourists and their bathing suits, it is advisable perhaps to bathe with some clothes (a T-shirt for example).

For men: What to Wear in Egypt
It is advisable to wear long pants and not show any part of our body, especially if we go to public places or plan to visit a mosque. You can wear a short-sleeved shirt, although it is best to always cover the shoulders and wear light clothing that facilitates perspiration.

Egypt is a destination where we will walk a lot, and also, we will be in contact with dust and dirt, so it is advisable to always wear comfortable shoes.

Things can vary a bit when deciding what clothes to wear to Egypt in October or November, especially at night, where it can get cooler, so we recommend wearing long sleeves and even a jacket.

General tips for Men’s & Women

  • As for footwear, they must be comfortable. A pair of breathable slippers will suffice to resist dirt and dust, and cool sandals for relaxing moments.
  • To withstand the harshness of the sun, it is essential to wear a hat or cap and a good pair of dark glasses. Also, a swimsuit to enjoy the water if we are in the coastal area.
  • A coat or jacket for the nights is also advisable since during the night the temperature drops a bit.

What to Pack for Egypt, What to Wear in Egypt

What else to pack for Egypt?

Egypt, like many countries, asks you to have a valid passport at the time of entering the country and to have enough blank pages to be able to affix the entry and exit stamps of the country.

It is important to mention that some countries need a visa to enter Egypt, it is usually a relatively easy process, for some countries, there is the possibility of directly buying the visa when arriving at the Airport and there is also the possibility of requesting the visa in advance at the Egyptian embassy in your country, the most important thing is that you can check in advance on the official website of the Egyptian consulate in your country to confirm if you need a special or additional document.

If you need a special medicine it is important to consider taking it from your home country along with your doctor’s prescription, as well as knowing the active ingredients in case you needed to buy something additional, there is a possibility that we will not find the same brand as the one we are used to it.

Power adapters
Egypt uses 220 volts and the plugs are two rounded tips, it is important to consider this point so that you can bring with you more than one power adapter for your electronic equipment, and do not pass any problem to recharge your equipment.


It is always important to take care of the small details, do not forget to bring your sunglasses, an indispensable accessory, as we mentioned before, sunscreen and lip moisturizer will be necessary.

Carry a light backpack that allows you to carry important documents and accessories with you while you are walking and enjoying the historical sites.

In addition to that, if you carry a small flashlight, it will be useful for you to better observe some places with poor lighting and to observe more details that I am sure will captivate you.

Last but not least, do not forget to bring an extra battery for your cell phone and camera so you can recharge at the necessary time and have an unforgettable memory.

Traveling to Egypt is an experience that will bring you very good experiences, taking into account some recommendations you can make your trip without any unforeseen and you will only dedicate yourself to enjoy. We offer excellent options for your trips to Egypt. Explore and get involved in history in this Pharaonic country.

Always remember that common sense is your best travel ally and there is no need to fear.


Here is a checklist of what to pack when traveling to Egypt.

What to Pack for Egypt, What to Wear in Egypt

  • Swimsuit (prefer shorts for the beach and speedo for swimming pools and hotels and swimsuits for women).
  • Pair of socks, because in mosques it is usually a rule to take off shoes.
  • Long trousers for particularly cool evenings or rooftops and restaurants with dress codes.
  • Tank tops in cotton and technical fabric, they will keep you cool and light.
  • T-shirt in cotton and technical fabric.
  • Technical fabric clothing to balance body temperature and always have dry clothes.
  • Long-sleeved shirt for cool evenings or desert excursions.
  • Underwear.
  • Lightweight travel scarf. The scarf is one of the most useful and comfortable garments, it will serve you just in case.
  • Hat for rush hour to protect you from the sun.
  • Lightweight raincoat.
  • Trekking or hiking shoes for desert excursions and long walks on wet ground and slippery stones.
  • Rock shoes if you go to the Red Sea and cities like Sharm El Sheik.
  • Flip-flops or rubber open shoes are the footwear you will use most
  • Closed and light shoes, especially for walking in the evening
  • Polarized sunglasses.
  • For the winter bring a jacket, a sweatshirt, and thermal t-shirts if you plan to go on a hike in the desert.
  • Padlocks, in case you opt for hostels.
  • Packed light sheets always if you sleep in hostels or tents.
  • Plastic bags with zipping, you will need to put documents and money inside during the beach days.
  • Inflatable pillow and mask, for travel by plane or traveling in trains and minivans (if you can’t stand the noise, pack earplugs too).
  • Passport holders with pockets, to keep documents, money, and credit cards together at all times.
  • Headphones to listen to music and isolate yourself when you need it.
  • Underwater camera for diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea
  • Cables and Power bank adapters.
  • Water bottle to always have fresh water.
  • A complete first aid kit to treat everyday ailments.
  • A credit card to be able to withdraw money and pay.
  • An Arabic dictionary to communicate.
  • Travel guide of Egypt.

These are our recommendations to know what to pack in your suitcase for Egypt.

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