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Egypt Tourist Attractions: Top 27 places to visit in Egypt

What places to visit in Egypt: Top 27 Egypt Tourist Attractions must-see

If you are scheduled to travel to the land of the pharaohs and have not yet decided what to do in Egypt, this article is what you need to close your itinerary and decide which sights to prioritize! In this list, you will find the top 27 places to visit in Egypt, those that cannot be left out of your plans for you to have a super complete experience!

And if you are thinking of going to Egypt, but are still not sure, come with us too! Who knows, maybe it’s the destination you’re looking for?

And let’s start with a tip: the best way to enjoy Egypt is by planning. To do this, assemble your itinerary and book with a licensed travel agency it will be safer for you.

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Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt
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In our article with the best places to visit during your vacation to Egypt, one of the important tips we are talking about is: divide your itinerary into four main regions – Cairo / Alexandria, Egypt Oases, Nile Valley (Luxor / Aswan), and the Red Sea.

The country has quite a history, in addition to the incredible landscapes. From the traditional Pyramids of Egypt to a balloon ride in Luxor and diving in the Red Sea, Egypt has a lot to offer! Depending on your interest and the time you have available for this trip, it is always possible to fit something a little off the main tourist route, like the White Desert.

Now let’s get down to business: the best Egypt tourist attractions for you to enjoy the best of what the country has to offer!


Top places to visit in Egypt: Cairo and surroundings

1- Egypt Tourist Attractions: Cairo

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt
Enjoy the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt, Cairo.

Cairo is one of the most authentic places you will ever visit and one of the safe places to visit in Egypt. Get lost in the labyrinthine streets of its Khan el-Khalili bazaar and haggle endlessly for that souvenir to take home.

Try its rich Egyptian cuisine in one of its street stalls, smoke a hookah in one of its tea shops, and talk with the locals. Cairo is a city that never sleeps, and you will find activity in its streets whatever time it is.

Browse our guide on the most famous attractions in Cairo

Dare to live the experience of crossing a street on foot or getting into a taxi. Admire the views of the city from its Alabaster Mosque and learn about the fascinating art of the country by visiting its Cairo Museum, essential to familiarize yourself with the names of pharaohs and gods that you will continue to hear stories about for the rest of your trip.

Only when you get to know Cairo in all its essence, will it be time to continue this journey through Egypt.

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2- Egypt Tourist Attractions: Pyramids of Giza

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt
Witness the grandeur of the pyramids of Giza, one of the most famous Egyptian tourist attractions.

Who does not think about what to see in Egypt and automatically draws the pyramids of Giza in his head? They make up the most iconic image of the country and, of course, they had to be on our list of must-haves.

Only 15 kilometers away from Cairo are the pyramids of Giza, which are one of the most important attractions in Egypt.

The last remaining of the ancient wonders of the world was built between 2620 and 2500 BC by around 10,000 workers.

The pyramids are located on a site previously used as a cemetery for pharaohs.

There are no records whatsoever about the construction of the pyramids, so scientists and archaeologists are still puzzling today about how the stone blocks, which weigh up to 2.5 tons, could be piled up in a relatively short time.

Also, the architecture has such a precision that can only be achieved with the most modern technology and can therefore hardly be explained.

The myth of the pyramids also includes the fact that they are practically empty: neither the grave goods typical for systems of this type nor mummies could be recovered.

  • Cheops pyramid: The Cheops pyramid is the largest, tallest, and most important pyramid in the world. A sarcophagus was found, but it was empty.
  • Chephren pyramid: Chephren was the son of Cheops, his pyramid looks bigger to the untrained eye than that of his father. This is a fallacy since the Khafre pyramid is simply a little higher.
  • Mykerinos pyramid: Menkaure, in turn, was the son of Khafre, he is the smallest of the three pyramids. Statues found in the Mykerinos pyramid can be seen today on display in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Browse our guide and learn more about the Giza Necropolis.

Info & Tips:
Location: Al Haram, Cairo, Egypt
Distance from Cairo: approx. 15 km
Distance from Hurghada: approx. 470 km
Distance from Sharm El Sheikh: approx. 520 km
Distance from Marsa Alam: approx. 750 km

Fun Fact: Truly impressive and hardly explainable is that the pyramids are aligned exactly in the four cardinal directions and at right angles.

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3- Egypt Tourist Attractions: Great Sphinx of Giza

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt
See the greatness of the Great Sphinx, guardian of the pyramids of the Pharaohs in Giza

The Sphinx of Giza is a legendary sculpture, located at the necropolis of Giza, the journey to this Egyptian tourist attraction is therefore similar.

According to the Greek legend, the Sphinx besieged the city of Thebes and asked travelers their famous riddle, which creature would walk on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening.

If the answer was wrong, the Sphinx is said to have strangled and devoured people. Hence the name “Sphinx”, which translated means strangler.

Only Oedipus was able to solve the riddle with the “human” answer correctly and free Thebes from the Sphinx.

In addition to its impressive size – it is 73.5 meters long and 20 meters high – the lioness with the human head is around 4,500 years old.

Even so, it is almost completely preserved as it was covered by sand for most of the time.

Over the years, the Sphinx has been revised again and again and was last uncovered in 1818, but it is no longer allowed to be excavated because the Egyptian authorities are afraid of any damage to the monument.

Fun Fact: The Sphinx is not missing its nose because the ravages of time have done the rest, but because of an iconophobia Sheikh refused it for fear of blasphemy in 1378.

See our full guide about the Great Sphinx of Giza.


4- Egypt Tourist Attractions: Egyptian Museum

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt
Visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which houses the largest collection of Pharaonic artifacts.

Cairo, how could it be otherwise, are the largest museum for ancient Egyptian art and one of the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt. It was founded by the government in 1835 to prevent further looting of the archaeological treasures.

The art collection is divided into two areas, each of which can be visited separately, the main museum and the mummy room. For you, however, it is best to look at both in combination.

In this case, there is also a slightly cheaper combination ticket. Over 150,000 exhibits, including the mummies of famous pharaohs, are now housed in the museum, but many of the finds cannot be exhibited because there is not enough space.

Don’t miss to browse our article about the Cairo Museum.

Therefore, more museums are now being (expanded). What is special about the Egyptian Museum is that, in contrast to European museums, for example, it only shows Egyptian exhibits.

But this is also due to the incredible number of preserved exhibits.

Info & Tips:
Address: Tahrir Square, Cairo Governorate, Egypt.
Opening times: Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thu & Sun: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Fun Fact: In 2010 a section for children was also opened, there is child-friendly information about ancient Egypt, and the most important artifacts such as Tutankhamun’s death mask were made from Lego bricks.

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5- Egypt Tourist Attractions: Muhammad-Ali Mosque

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt
Muhammad Ali Mosque, one of Egypt Tourist Attractions, located in the Citadel of Salah al-Din in Cairo.

Muhammad-Ali Mosque, also known as the Alabaster Mosque, is a large, magnificent mosque in Cairo, and one of Egypt Tourist Attractions you must-see. It was built on the Turkish model and opened in 1884 and located in the Citadel of Salah al-Din.

Inside the mosque, the walls are clad with alabaster, and the floors are covered with red carpets. The circular lights, which are now replacing the former oil lamps, are particularly beautiful.

To the right of the entrance is the grave of Muhammad Ali, who died in 1849, long before the mosque was built. In the forecourt of the mosque, there is a gift from France, a large clock tower that was delivered from Paris in exchange for the Luxor obelisk. The clock, however, never worked.

People of other faiths can also visit the mosque outside of prayer times, but observe the rules. Shoes must be placed on a shelf at the entrance and women must cover their shoulders.

The hair does not necessarily have to be covered. In front of the building, you can get information in different languages ​​and it might even be worthwhile for you to book a guided tour because these are not too expensive.

Info & Tips:
Location: Al Abageyah, Qism El-Khalifa, Al-Qahira Governorate, Egypt
Entry: free of charge
Visiting hours: The mosque can be visited outside of prayer times.
Arrival: The journey from the tourist centers in Egypt is similar to the pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum.

Tip: From the Muhammad-Ali mosque, provided the smog is not too strong, you have a great view over all of Cairo!

Check our article about the Muhammad Ali Mosque.


6- Khan el Khalili

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

Among the many Egypt tourist attractions, you can explore in Cairo, be sure to include a tour of the Khan el Khalili market in your plans. It is an old commercial region that is a real maze with several streets and tents with incredible goods. It’s great for shopping and even taking souvenirs as a gift.

There you can find a little of everything: fabrics, clothing items, handicrafts, decoration, teas, spices… You can spend a lot of time exploring the region! I suggest at least an entire afternoon dedicated to the grand bazaar.

And as we are talking about Egypt, the important historical part could not be missing: along with the Al-Muski market, Khan el Khalili is super important for making Cairo a place of tradition in trade in the country and the world.

Read more about Khan El Khalili Bazaar


7- Alexandria, The Mediterranean Bride

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

We come to what is probably the second most famous destination in the country: the port city of Alexandria on the north coast of Egypt.

The city founded by Alexander the Great was next to Rome the most important city of antiquity and even if much of its former glory has been lost, this metropolis on the sea still has a certain charm.

One of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the famous lighthouse of Alexandria, is unfortunately no longer there and the formerly important Great Library of Alexandria was also destroyed.

Instead, the Qaitbay, an impressive fortress, now stands on the remains of the lighthouse and a new library has been opened, the Bibliotheca of Alexandria, contains writings from all over the world and has the largest reading room in the world.

Browse our guide on the most famous attractions in Alexandria

You should also pay a visit to the park around the Montazah Palace and enjoy the view of the sea from there. Alexandria is also known for its good and fresh fish, which you should try! Just be careful where you buy it, restaurants are usually more suitable for hygiene reasons than street stalls – especially if you don’t know your way around.

Info & Tips:
Location: Alexandria, North Coast, Egypt.
Distance from Cairo: approx. 215 km
Distance from Hurghada: approx. 680 km
Distance from Sharm El Sheikh: approx. 735 km
Distance from Marsa Alam: approx. 960 km

Fun Fact: The north coast on the Mediterranean is very popular with the locals due to its dreamy, almost white sandy beaches, its turquoise sea, and a cool breeze in summer.

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8- Library of Alexandria

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

As early as the third century BC arose the Library of Alexandria. The basic stock, which presumably contains over 500,000 documents, was probably made available at the opening, and more were added over the years.

Not a single one of the papyrus rolls was found, which can be attributed to the poor durability in a humid climate and the constant use of the rolls.

This was already known at the time, which is why many library employees copied the texts over and over again. The library worked closely with the Museion, a type of religious school.

Not everyone had access to the valuable scriptures, only selected people. The importance of the library can be measured above all by the fact that Egypt replaced Greece as a scientific center.

In 2002 the new Bibliotheca Alexandrina was opened, which is close to the original location and has around eight million books.

About half of the building is filled with a huge reading room.

Info & Tips:
Location: Al Azaritah WA Ash Shatebi, Qesm Bab Sharqi, al-Iskandariyya Governorate 21526, Egypt.
Distance from Cairo: approx. 215 km
Distance from Hurghada: approx. 680 km
Distance from Sharm El Sheikh: approx. 735 km
Distance from Marsa Alam: approx. 960 km

Good to know: The integrated Taha Hussein library also offers the visually impaired the opportunity to experience literature.

Know more about the history of the Library of Alexandria


Top places to visit in Egypt: Upper Egypt (Luxor & Aswan)

9- Cruising the Nile

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

And what would the country be without that mythical and immense river that runs through it? Without a doubt, a cruise on the Nile is one of the essential experiences on a trip to Egypt.

You don’t have to have too much imagination to be able to visualize yourself contemplating wonderful sunsets on the deck while the call to prayer, coming from the speakers of the nearby mosques, becomes the perfect soundtrack.

The Nile, with its 6,600 kilometers in length (one of the longest in the world), invites you to discover the country from a completely different perspective. Many are the boats that make the typical journey from Luxor to Aswan or vice versa. So don’t think twice: include it in your list of activities to do in Egypt and enjoy a few days sailing through its waters.

Tip: Nile cruises start in Egypt from Luxor and Aswan, and the itinerary of the Nile cruise varies according to the place of departure of the trip, so if started from Luxor, the trip takes 5 days / 4 nights, but if started from Aswan, it takes 4 days / 3 nights.

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10- Luxor

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

Luxor is a southern Egyptian city that is now on the site of ancient Thebes. This city should of course not be missing from my list of the most important Egyptian tourist attractions.

Even today, Luxor has a lot to offer tourists, because nearby are the Valley of the Kings and Queens as well as the Karnak temple complex and the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut, the temple of the Egyptian queen, which was built in the 16th century BC. Ruled over Egypt.

In the city there is also the Luxor Temple, which is relatively “new” compared to Karnak, it was built in 1070 BC and is the god Amun and dedicated to his family.

In the evening hours, the light of the sun falls particularly beautifully on the columns and impressive statues, creating a mystical picture.

Discover the complete attractions of Luxor with our Luxor guide

Also, you shouldn’t miss the Luxor Museum when you visit, where you can learn everything about the background of the old city and the temples that you have viewed before and you can also take a look at old war weapons, mummies and sarcophagi.

There is still a 13-day festival once a year at the beginning of Ramadan, which takes place in a boat procession from Luxor to the Karnak Temple and is an exciting, colorful experience.

Info & Tips:
Address: Luxor, Egypt
Note: To take pictures you need an additional permit.
Distance from Cairo: approx. 660 km
Distance from Hurghada: approx. 300 km
Distance from Sharm El Sheikh: approx. 404 km
Distance from Marsa Alam: approx. 360 km

Fun Fact: The Luxor Obelisk, which previously stood in the forecourt of the temple, was donated to France in 1836 and is now at the Louvre.

What to Pack for Egypt, What to Wear in Egypt

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11- Valley of the Kings

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

The Valley of the Kings is located near Luxor and is a tomb for kings of the 18th to 20th dynasties in Egypt. The valley opposite Karnak was the final resting place of probably more than 60 kings.

The burial chamber of Tutankhamun, which was completely unopened when it was found, became particularly well known.

This is unusual as many graves were opened and looted in ancient Egypt. The valley of the kings, which is surrounded by rocks, is joined by other tombs such as the valley of the queens and the tombs of the noble.

Discover the complete guide of the Valley of the Kings

After Tutankhamun’s burial chamber was opened, the legend of the pharaoh’s curse spread quickly, according to which archaeologists would die a cruel death.

As a result, some of the people involved in the excavations died, many of them by suicide for fear of the curse.

Info & Tips:
Location: Luxor, Al-Wadi al-Jadid, Egypt

Tip: To protect the important historical finds, there is a rule that each visitor is only allowed to visit three graves. So it’s best to think about what you want to see in advance. By the way, you have to buy an extra ticket for the famous tomb of Tutankhamun.

What to Pack for Egypt, What to Wear in Egypt

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12- Karnak Temple Complex

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

If you are planning what to do in Egypt and what places to visit in Egypt? the Karnak Temple is a place that cannot be left out of your itinerary!

The Karnak Temple, the largest temple complex in Egypt, is also near Luxor and opposite the Valley of the Kings. Like parts of Luxor, Karnak is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The largest ancient temples in the world include the temples of Ramses III, Chons, and Amun-Re. A gigantic stone hall and finely decorated columns make Karnak a very special experience.

Discover the complete guide of Karnak Temple Complex

The facility was used to hold sacrificial presentations and prayers to appease the gods. This had to be done by kings or specially trained high priests to maintain world order.

Therefore, the temples of ancient Egypt were of enormous importance, which explains why the temples, which were considered a small model of the world, were so carefully maintained and previously furnished.

Info & Tips:
Location: Karnak, Luxor Governorate, Egypt

Fun Fact: Unlike the pyramids, which are west of the River Nile, the Karnak Temple is on the east side, dedicated to the living and the living.

What to Pack for Egypt, What to Wear in Egypt

Book a private guided tour to explore the temples of Karnak and Luxor with us.


13- Aswan

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

The city of Aswan is definitely on the list of our main Egypt tourist attractions. This location has always been of fundamental importance for the history of this country.

In fact, since ancient times Aswan marked the border between the Kingdom of Egypt and the enemy territory of Nubia. Here you will find tranquility and unspoiled nature, despite the continuous interventions of man.

Therefore you can admire beautiful views, including the many islets that emerge from the waters of the Nile. The most important is Elephantine Island, so-called because the ivory market was held here in the past.

Read more about the attractions of Aswan.

This island was of vital importance both for the Egyptians and subsequently for the Romans. Inside you will find the Nilometer, an ancient well that was used to measure the height of the river’s waters.

But the most important archaeological site in the area is certainly the Temple of Philae, which preserves the beautiful Sanctuary of Isis and the cell that preserves the sacred figure of Horus.

We recommend that you visit the Nubian Village just outside the city of Aswan, then go to the High Dam built-in 1960, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Nasser.

What to Pack for Egypt, What to Wear in Egypt

Book a private guided tour to explore the Aswan with us.


14- Temple of Philae

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

One of the most beautiful temples in Egypt – You have to take a small boat to get there, and you will have a view of the monuments surrounded by water and palm trees. It is considered one of the most visited places in Egypt by tourists.

But, when you go, notice a curious aspect: Philae is, in a way, the most “feminine” temple in Egypt. That’s because it was built in honor of the goddess Isis, one of the strongest in Egyptian mythology, and was used as a venue for ceremonies in honor of her, performed by many priestesses.

Legend has it that Cleopatra traveled there more than once to make offerings, receive blessings and even seek spiritual and even loving guidance.

Fun Facts: One of the theories is that the Queen knew the power of the venom of a snake species and that she was instructed to keep secret and use it as a resource if necessary.

The tour can be done in half a day and is a great option to do and get a glimpse of what the two worlds were like (one extremely masculine and the other delicately feminine) millennia ago.

And, I must confess: it was by visiting this temple that I understood that a trip through Egypt is like this: outdoor history class!

Browse our article about the temples of Philae Island


15- Nubian Village (Aswan)

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

Once you reach Aswan, make sure to visit the Nubian village, one of the places in Egypt that have preserved its heritage and culture to this day. The coolest thing there is to be able to see how the culture and traditions of the Nubian people, one of the oldest civilizations in history, remain super strong. Also, the streets are cute, with super colorful houses and full of designs and geometric shapes.

Don’t miss to browse the Nubian Museum article to know more about Nubian Life.

For those who like to shop and take a souvenir of the places they pass, in Nubian Village you will find many options of super different and original crafts. A curiosity of this village is the presence of crocodiles, which were once used as a means of protection, and today are domestic animals.

Fun Fact: Nubian Village still retains the traditional houses of the Clouds, very colorful and with beautiful internal patios.

What to Pack for Egypt, What to Wear in Egypt

Book a private guided tour to explore the Nubian Village with us.


16- Edfu Temple

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

The temple of Edfu was dedicated to the Egyptian god Horus, who roughly corresponds to the Greek god of light Apollo.

Horus, the god with the falcon’s head, is said to have fought his important battle against Seth at this point, so the temple complex was a well-known sanctuary in ancient times.

In addition to the temple, a large part of the ancient city ​​of Edfu has also been preserved, which you should visit. Marvel at huge columns, wander through impressive halls, look at the artistically engraved reliefs, and dream of a bygone era!

Read more about Edfu temple.

This Egyptian temple on the west bank of the Nile is surprisingly well preserved, so it is hard to believe that it was built around 2,300 years ago. You are sure to be as impressed as I am when you visit!

Info & Tips:
Location: Markaz Edfu, Aswan, Egypt
Distance from Cairo: approx. 750 km
Distance from Hurghada: approx. 400 km
Distance from Sharm El Sheikh: approx. 500 km (car + ferry)
Distance from Marsa Alam : approx. 225 km

What to Pack for Egypt, What to Wear in Egypt

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17- Abu Simbel Temple

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

In the 13th century BC, the Abu Simbel temple, one of the most famous attractions of Egypt, was built in the place of the same name.

It was used to worship Pharaoh Ramses II and his wife Nefertari. The seated statues of the pharaohs are a full 20 meters high and face east as the sun rises there.

This rock temple is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Particularly noteworthy is the implementation of Abu Simbel in the 1960s to protect it from flooding by the Aswan Dam.

Read more about Abu Simbel Temples.

The entire temple complex was laboriously removed and rebuilt piece by piece. By the way: On February 21st and October 21stthe sun miracle takes place every year.

Then the sun is at such a favorable angle that it can go straight into the temple and illuminate the statues of gods inside.

Info & Tips:
Location: Aswan, Egypt
Opening times: daily: 5 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Distance from Cairo: approx. 1,110 km
Distance from Hurghada: approx. 770 km
Distance from Sharm ُl Sheikh: approx. 870 km (ferry + car)
Distance from Marsa Alam: approx. 650 km

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Top places to visit in Egypt: Egypt Oases (Siwa & Bahariya)

18- Siwa Oasis

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

A wonderful, mind-blowing paradise. Siwa Oasis is located in the Libyan desert in the northwest of the country.

There you can marvel at olive trees and date palms in the middle of the desert. It was not without reason that Alexander the Great loved this unusual place, because the ruins of the Amun temple, where his familiar oracle is said to have stayed, still stand here.

Read and discover more about the oases of Egypt

You can also discover the remains of the old clay town of Siwa. Various Bedouin peoples still live in Siwa today, and their marketplace, mosque, and local museum should also be on your to-do list when you visit them.

Info & Tips:
Location: Qesm Siwah, Matruh Governorate, Egypt
Distance from Cairo: approx. 750 km
Distance from Hurghada: approx. 1,200 km
Distance from Sharm El Sheikh: approx. 1,270 km
Distance from Marsa Alam : approx. 1,500 km

Fun Fact: Alexander the Great wanted to be buried in Siwa, but this request was not followed by the ruling Pharaoh.


19- The Salt Lake at Siwa Oasis

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

One of the best experiences you will have in Siwa. You don’t actually need to travel to the Dead Sea to float on the water instead of swimming, you can just go to Siwa.

Not to mention its beauty and curative effect. Due to its extreme salt, it has healing power for sinuses, skin, and eye infections.

Besides, Siwan’s use salts in building and their tools and also in making lamps because they have the power to heal the soul by eliminating negative energy.

What to Pack for Egypt, What to Wear in Egypt

Check & Book one of our Egypt Safari Tours to explore all Egypt deserts & Oasis.


20- Bahariya Oasis

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

Bahariya Oasis, one of the oases that are easiest to reach from Cairo, its landscape is enclosed by high ridges and is dotted with date plantations, as well as freshwater sources.

In recent years it has also been made famous for important archaeological finds such as the “golden mummies” found in 1996.

Read and discover more about the oasis of Bahariya

The administrative capital Bawiti hides other treasures: fertile palm groves that guard springs such as that of El-Beshmo, discovered in Roman times, or Bir Ramla which has sulfurous water at more than 40 degrees of temperature.

On the hillock of Qasr Salim, in the heart of the village of Bawti, the remains of two tombs of the ancient XXVI dynasty are visible. The Oasis Heritage Museum offers clay reproductions of rural life.


21- White Desert

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

It is capable of leaving you breathless: the Sahara El Beyda, or the white desert. It extends between the oasis of Farafra and that of Bahariya, on the border with Libya.

The magic is all in the immaculate color of the sand but not only. Even the extraordinary rock formations give an unusual aspect to the whole environment as well as the colors that the sky takes on at different hours of the day and night.

Where there is now the desert, once (5 thousand years ago) there were springs, rivers, lakes, and animals of every kind. Today traces of that distant past remain in the sand.

Read and discover more about the white desert.

Over 2 square kilometers of magic. Which includes the Mount of the Dead, an archaeological area with the Temple of Amun, and the famous Cleopatra’s pool with its emerald green waters.

Today the White Desert is a national park. Every August it is cleaned after the passage of tourists. A blinding glow characterizes it. The limestone forms areas similar to sea waves, where hundreds of fossil shells bear witness to the voice of the sea from millions of years ago.

What to Pack for Egypt, What to Wear in Egypt

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Top places to visit in Egypt: The Red Sea (Hurghada, Marsa Alam & Shael El Sheikh)

22- The Red Sea

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

What would Egypt’s sights be without the Red Sea? There is still much speculation about the name of the not so red Red Sea.

First of all, the name Eritrea is based on the Greek and means something like red – the lighting conditions that make the land around the sea appear red also contribute to this.

There is also a large occurrence of a special type of algae that also makes the sea glow reddish. Regardless of the reasons, it has been called ” Mare Rubum “, or the Red Sea, since ancient times.

As in the national park, you can of course also enjoy the wonderful, clear water and colorful reefs at the beaches of the sea. You should only dive and snorkel under the supervision of a guide, as the currents can be very strong and sudden.

Read and discover more about the Red Sea Attractions.

Also for surfers, the Red Sea is an absolute highlight. Enjoy the water, regardless of whether it is just for relaxation or sports.

Info & Tips: In our Egypt travel guide, you will find articles about snorkeling in the Red Sea and diving in Egypt. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the Red Sea and its underwater diversity.


23- Hurghada

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

If you are looking for things to do in Egypt, you should include Hurghada in your planning! The marine life is very rich there, not to mention the wonderful turquoise beaches!

Hurghada is one of the cities on the Red Sea with the best structure for tourism. It is an excellent destination in Egypt to relax by the sea because, in addition to the paradisiacal beaches, there are many shopping options, restaurants, clubs, and resorts.

Check out our article about the Hurghada.

Diving in that turquoise water is one of those memorable trips you will have in Egypt. A great tip for you to include in your experiences in Egypt is to take a snorkel tour on the tour to the Giftun Islands.

What to Pack for Egypt, What to Wear in Egypt

Check all-day tours that you can do with our Hurghada Tours.


24- Marsa Alam

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

On the south coast of the Red Sea, there are other options of super cool beaches, each with a style. In the case of Marsa Alam, in addition to being outside the most traditional tourist route, it is the most trendy diving destination in Egypt today due to the rich marine nature, with incredibly colorful corals, manatees, and dolphins, for example.

This was, without a doubt, one of the top destinations in Egypt that I visited during my trip! It is always nice to visit a little-explored place and Marsa Alam is one of those places with an air of untouched paradise. I recommend it for those who want to venture out, either by discovering a new destination or by diving.

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I am already a certified diver, but for those who just want to try this activity, it is possible to hire a diving experience in Marsa Alam.

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25- Sharm El Sheikh

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

The beauty of this well-known tourist destination on the southern tip of Sinai has a thousand facets not only related to the beaches and the blue-green sea with fish of a thousand colors. One is enchanted, for example, to admire the night sky full of stars.

In the evening, after a day of relaxation, you discover the old town and the Old Market, while inland the Bedouin fields scented with embers and hookahs.

Here the gray rock hides the cemeteries of the dromedaries against the backdrop of rugged mountains where jewels such as the Byzantine-style Monastery of St. Catherine are hidden.

The real surprise is to discover, in an arid landscape, gardens of olive trees and vines, thanks to the water from the wells.

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For centuries, the fortress built by Justinian has been the garrison of the monks in a place where the stories of the three monotheistic religions meet. Here where his fate was announced to Moses.

And then there is the seabed that attracts crowds of snorkelers and scuba divers. Thirty kilometers of rugged and rocky coastline that opens into beautiful beaches and sudden inlets.

From the north of El Nabq to the lively Sharm El Maya. From the quiet beaches of Ras Nasrani, you can enjoy the view over the island of Tiran.

The center of holiday tourism is in Naama Bay, full of night attractions, souvenirs, and a clear sea.

The most beautiful coral reef in the Red Sea is located in Ras Um Sid, where the desert with the colors of sunset and morning offers moments of absolute enchantment.

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26- Ras-Mohammed National Park

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

The Ras Mohammed National Park near Sharm El Sheikh got its name from the highest rock, which resembles a human head, and was therefore called by fishermen Ras Mohammed, the head of Muhammad.

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In this park, you get a lot on offer so that almost nothing is left to be desired in terms of outdoor activities. From mountain bike tours to swimming or snorkeling, everything is on offer. The underwater world can trump nature on land by a lot. Here you can marvel at exotic fish and marine animals amidst colorful coral reefs. Divers get their money’s worth in the Ras-Mohammed National Park.

Info & Tips:
Location: Sinai, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Distance from Cairo: approx. 490 km
Distance from Hurghada: approx. 125 km (ferry)
Distance from Sharm El Sheikh: approx. 40 km
Distance from Marsa Alam: approx. 420 km (car + ferry)

Fun Fact: The Yolanda Reef was named after the ship of the same name that sank on the spot in 1980. The remains of the ship may not be dived for conservation reasons, but parts of Yolanda’s former cargo can be found everywhere in the reef: toilet bowls and sinks. Curious!

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27- Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai

Egypt tourist attractions, places to visit in Egypt

St. Catharine Monastery at the foot of the Sinai is the oldest, still living, Greek Orthodox monastery in the world.

It was completed in its current form in 560 and, according to legend, is said to house the bones of St. Catherine. Mount Sinai is due to the transfer of the Ten Commandments to Moses and his encounter with God in the burning bush known.

An offshoot of this legendary bush is said to still be found near the monastery. In 2002 the Katharinen kloster was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Ascent and sightseeing: The ascent to the monastery is a bit difficult, so you can book a guided hike at night, for which you will be rewarded with cooler temperatures and a breathtaking sunrise. If the hike is too strenuous for you, you can also ride a camel. After a break, you will visit the monastery together as a group.

There are some providers for these tours, but when planning your excursion, keep in mind the current travel warning for Egypt issued by the Foreign Office. This currently advises against trips away from the coastal strip such as to Mount Sinai and the St. Catherine’s Monastery.

Info & Tips:
Location: Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, Janub Sina, Egypt
Distance from Cairo: approx. 450 km
Distance from Hurghada: approx. 310 km (car + ferry)
Distance from Sharm El Sheik: approx. 210 km
Distance from Marsa Alam: approx. 980 km (car + ferry)

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