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Mount Sinai Egypt

Mount Sinai “Mount Moses” or Jabal Moussa

Mount Sinai is a particularly important and sacred destination, a sacred place in Egypt. The mountain reaches a height of 2,285 meters. This mountain is located in the southern part of the Sinai peninsula, this area is considered the area connecting Asia to Africa and very recommended for those who want to try a new experience to climb the mountains and admire the natural beauty of Egypt.

Mount Sinai Egypt

The history of the mountain of Sinai

The mountain has known various names in history, including Mount Horeb, Mount Moses, in Arabic Jabal Moussa. You are called Mount Moses because according to Biblical tradition it is the place where the prophet Moses spoke to God and received the ten commandments after he spent 40 days and 40 nights there, for this reason, it is a particularly spiritual place, considered sacred by the three monotheistic religions and is very famous in religious history and also for international tourists all over the world due to its extraordinary nature which has been represented in very high mountains with a `height reaches 2,285 meters.

Located near the foot of the mountain stands the Monastery of St. Catherine, the oldest Christian monastery still active in the world is part of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Monastery of St. Catherine

Things to see and do on Mount Sinai:

Both tourists and pilgrims can hike to the top of the mountain, especially in winter. Most tourists start their trek at 2 a.m. so that they can reach the top during the night when it is still dark and see the breathtaking spectacle of dawn from the summit. ” Book our tour to Saint Catherine and Mount Moses from Sharm El Sheikh

There are two routes to climb the mountain:

For those who are fitter and more athletic, and not afraid to exercise, there are the 3750 meters of the Stairway of Repentance, dug by a penitent monk, and this is the most direct route. Also called the Steps of Penance are a steeper path dotted with various votive places, including the Door of Confession, where a monk once heard the confessions of pilgrims, the door of St. Stephen, and the spring of Moses, which flows from a small cave.

climb the mountain of sinai

The second route is longer than the first but it is not fast, people can walk up or walk it on the back of a camel, in which case they have to walk the 750 final steps, both lead to the Greek Orthodox monastery of St. Catherine, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other interesting sites include a basilica with a mosaic of the “transfiguration” and the monastery library where the rare written works of 4,500 can be found. The library is said to be second only to the Vatican in its collection of ancient manuscripts.

From the top, you can admire a splendid panorama that embraces the Gulf of Aqaba, the mountains of Africa, and those of Saudi Arabia. truly is a panoramic view that attracts the attention of every visitor who wants to explore the history and nature of the world from another side.

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