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Egypt itinerary 8 Days: How to Spend 8 Days in Egypt

A new journey, a new adventure, awaits you in the land of the pharaohs. Traveling to Egypt is a dream you can make come true, even on a short vacation. With this Egypt itinerary of 8 days, you will see the most exciting places in the country of the Pharaohs in an 8-day tour of Egypt.

Who said we couldn’t travel to an exotic destination if we were short on time? An 8-day vacation will be enough to tour the country of the pyramids and get to know its key points, and you will visit Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. In short: all the places that make Egypt a dreamed and desired destination for almost every traveler. In this post, I am going to leave you all the general information about Egypt: basic details of the destination, information about the security of the country, itinerary, etc. We hope that all the information will be helpful to you if you are considering visiting Egypt.

Enjoy every moment this Amazing country has to offer and know the taste & feel of a real vacation on your 8 days trips to Egypt. So we leave you some of the most recommended 8-day trips to Egypt. Book your dream holiday that you have been dreaming about for a lifetime.


What to see in Egypt in 8 days:-

Day 1: Arrival in Cairo

Egypt Itinerary 8 Days
Great view of Cairo at night

When you arrive at Cairo airport in the evening, you should start planning your 8 days in Egypt as you will get to relax and enjoy a dinner cruise on the Nile with the show of folkloric belly dancing and traditional tannoura dance. Then we return to the hotel for the overnight.

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Day 2: Excursion to the pyramids, Memphis and Saqqara

Egypt Itinerary 8 Days
Sound and light show at the Pyramids of Giza at night

Giza Pyramids Complex is one of the earliest monuments that ever witnessed the greatness of the pharaohs dating back more than 4,000 years. It is on the Giza Plateau. It consists of three pyramids of Cheops, Khafra, and menkaure, six smaller pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Valley Temple.

The great pyramids: the great pyramid is the largest in the Giza Complex and is considered the only surviving of the seven wonders of the ancient world. King Cheops built it in 20 years with 2,300,000 limestone blocks. Dating back to 2580 BC, it is 147m tall and was the tallest building in the world for 3,800 years until the construction of Lincoln Cathedral in England in 1311. 

The Incredible Sphinx: He is considered the guardian of the Giza Complex. King Khafra built the Sphinx. The Sphinx is a giant statue with a human head (symbol of intelligence) and a lion’s body (symbol of strength) with the face of King Khafra. It measures 73 m long and 19 m high. It was carved from a single piece of limestone. 

Valley temple: The Valley Temple was where the mummification process was carried out since the ancient Egyptian empire (26862181 BC). It is one of the best-preserved structures of ancient Egypt. It was built of limestone with a granite overlay by King Khafre, and perfect diorite stone statues representing Khafre were discovered.

The Step Pyramid of Saqqara: It is the gigantic structure of the golden age of the founders of the pyramids because it is the first pyramid built. It was built by the famous architect Imhotep who was revered in the Greek era. The Step Pyramid has a unique design in that it was made with six steps. The pyramid is 62 meters high, surrounded by the gigantic funerary Complex of Pharaoh Djoser by a great wall. 

The city of Memphis: Memphis was the first capital in Egypt. It was built by Pharaoh Mena in 3200 BC when he unified Upper and Lower Egypt. Memphis was the capital from Dynasty I to Dynasty VIII. The city was protected by the god Ptah (god of creation and crafts in ancient Egypt). We go to Cairo airport to take the flight to Aswan. Upon arrival, you stay at a 5-star hotel and spend the night at the hotel. Don’t miss booking a tour of Memphis, Saqqara, and the Pyramids of Giza Tour for many things to see & do.


To Be impressed by one of the most outstanding human achievements and greatness of the Egyptian pharaohs’ empire: The Pyramids of Giza – one of the seven wonders of the world by booking (Half Day Tour to Pyramids of Giza  & Camel Ride in the Pyramids of Giza)


Days 3: Tour the temples of Abu Simbel


On the third day of your 8 days in Egypt, you should leave the hotel early w to visit a very prominent temple in Egypt:

Abu Simbel Temple: King Ramses II built the Temple in 1200 BC to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Kadesh in 1274. Abu Simbel Temple is divided into two temples: the large one dedicated to King Ramses II and the other dedicated to his wife Nefertari.

The festival of the Sun is celebrated in the Temple on February 22 and October 22 (the king’s date of birth and coronation). The incredible thing about those temples is that they were moved in 1968 by UNESCO because they could plunge into the water of Lake Nasser after building the Aswan High Dam. We return to Aswan to have lunch at a local restaurant and then go to the railway station to take the first-class train to Luxor. Upon arrival, you stay in a 5-star hotel and spend the night at the hotel.


Days 4: Visit the important Attractions of Luxor – Go to Hurghada

Attractions of Luxor

After breakfast, leave the hotel to continue your journey with the critical sights in Luxor.

Karnak Temple is considered the largest Temple in Egypt and the world, and it is known as the Temple of Amun, and it was called the Middle Kingdom. It contains shrines to various gods such as Osiris, Isis, and Ptah, but the Complex was mainly dedicated to the Theban triad (Amun, Mut, Khonsu).

The Temple of Hatshepsut: The Temple of Hatshepsut is the best-preserved Temple in Egypt. It was dedicated to Queen Hatshepsut and the god Amun. The Temple was built in 1479 BC at the time of the new empire in the 18th dynasty for 15 years. The construction of this Temple is reflected in the following temples of the new kingdom. You enjoy breakfast at a local restaurant in Luxor before continuing the sightseeing Luxor.

The Valley of the Kings contains 63 kings from the Eighteenth Dynasty to the Twentieth Dynasty. There are tombs of famous pharaohs such as Seti I, Ramses III, Ramses VI, and many others. Tutankhamun’s grave is the most visited in the Valley of the Kings.

The Colossi of Memnon are two giant statues representing King Amenophis III, and they are the remains of the funerary Temple of Amenophis III. The annual Nile floods damaged the statues, and in 27 BC, they were destroyed by an earthquake.

We go to Hurghada by a modern vehicle with air conditioning. Upon arrival in Hurghada, you check into a 5-star hotel and spend the night at the hotel.

Days 5: snorkeling in Hurghada

snorkeling in Hurghada

After breakfast at your hotel, we will enjoy a snorkeling tour and other underwater activities. Then we return to the hotel to spend the night in the hotel.

Hurghada is known for its water sports activities, nightlife, and warm climate. Many Europeans come to Hurghada for regular holidays, especially during the winter.

Hurghada is particularly famous for the extraordinary development of coral formations and the many dream islands that characterize this area. Opposite Hurghada, you will find the Giftun Island National Park, many desert islands, and islets rich in the stunning seabed. It is no coincidence that it is a privileged destination for many people from all over the world.

In addition to Giftun Island and Small Giftun are the islands of Abu Ramada, Magawish, and Munkar. Hurghada is divided into three main hamlets: El Dahar, the oldest nucleus; Sekalla, the most modern; and El Korra Road, the latest construction in order of time. Sekalla is home to mid-range hotels, while in Dahar, you will find the bazaar, post office, and bus station.


Day 6: Safari adventure in Hurghada

Egypt Itinerary 8 Days
Safari adventure in Hurghada

After breakfast, you will continue your 8 days in Egypt by enjoying a desert safari adventure in Hurghada. We return to the hotel, and you spend the night in Hurghada.

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Day 7:Take The Flight To Cairo – Visit Cairo Attractions

Egypt Itinerary 8 Days
Spectacular view of the sunset in Cairo from the tower

You will enjoy breakfast at the hotel in Hurghada; then, you will go to Hurghada airport and take the flight to Cairo. Your visits : 

The Egyptian Museum: The Egyptian Museum is one of the largest museums in the world and houses numerous artifacts and monuments dating back more than 4,000 years and belonging to various pharaonic periods. It has a display of mummies of the most famous pharaohs of ancient Egypt. The museum has more than 120,000 authentic pieces; made of gold, silver, precious stones, wood and stone, statues, jewels, and funerary objects such as the solid gold mask of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. You can also see the mummies of the pharaohs. After finishing the visit to the Egyptian Museum, we will enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before visiting: 

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization: The permanent collection is divided into two different areas, one chronological and the other thematic, since it exhibits the crafts, materials, cultures, industries, and thought during different centuries and eras. (Don’t check our A Journey to National Museum of Egyptian Civilization)

 The hanging Church: It is known by the name the Hanging Church because it was built on the remains of the gate of the Roman fortress. It was built in the first century and finished construction in the third century. The Church was built where the Holy Family lived when they fled from the Palestinian ruler. It has 110 icons, the oldest dating back to the 8th century.

The Mosque of Amr Ibn El-As: is considered the most famous mosque because it is the first mosque in Egypt and Africa. A tomb of the son of Amr Ibn Alas is located in the corner of the mosque. The Mosque of Amr Ibn Alas was built 641 after Christ and rebuilt many times during the Islamic times of Egypt. Thus it is the best living example of the progress of Islamic architecture through the centuries. 

The Ben Ezra Synagogue: This Synagogue is one of the largest and oldest synagogues in Cairo. The Synagogue used to be a Christian church. Still, when he increased the annual taxes imposed by the Muslim rulers in the dynasty of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, Abraham Ibn Ezra of Jerusalem 882 bought the Church for 20 thousand dinars. From this time, the Church converted to a Jewish synagogue. It was the most critical Synagogue in Egypt until the year 1950. 

Khan El Khalili Bazaar is the busiest street in the Middle East. It dates back to the year 970, after Christ, when they built the city of Cairo. It was one of the main streets of the old town of Cairo. The entire street contains Islamic architecture and art and many shops and cafes in the same Islamic style. At the end of the day we go to the hotel in Cairo, you stay and spend the night at the hotel.

 These are some of the must-sees, but if you want to know everything to see in Cairo, check out our complete guide: Cairo Attractions & Old Cairo & Islamic Cairo Attractions.

Day 8:The End of your tour to Cairo, Luxor, Abu Simbel, and Hurghada 

Enjoy your last breakfast in the land of the pharaohs; then we go to Cairo airport to end your 8 days trip in Egypt and return to your land with the best memories.



Is Egypt a safe place to visit? 

Egypt is the only place you can visit that makes you richer because of its great historical sites and unique culture. One crucial question can be asked, though. Is it safe to go to Egypt in 2022, and when is the best time to go? Yes, Egypt is safe in every way.

Egypt, called “the cradle of civilization,” has the most extended history of any country in the world. It’s also called “The Land of the Pharaohs” because it has been around since the time of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. People come from around the world to see how great the Egyptian pharaohs were and to visit the fantastic places they built.

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