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Bahariya Oasis

Bahariya Oasis Location

The Bahariya Oasis is the closest to the Egyptian capital, from which it is about 360 kilometers away, is located in the Governorate of Giza, and is surrounded by mountains and rich in springs. This oasis has been of considerable importance for centuries as a stopover for caravans coming from northern Africa to Mecca.

Bahariya Oasis

Sightseeing tours

The charm of the desert and its numerous oases have become a great tourist attraction today. From the Bahariya Oasis, local guides offer tours in the Black and the White Desert, and the southern oases. Bahariya is also famous as a tourist destination for its many hot springs. You can visit the English House, the Black Mountains, the Agabat Valley, the Museum of Golden Mummies, and the Crystal Mountain.

How to get there

The oasis, connected to the capital by a good asphalt road, can be easily reached by bus or private minibus with air conditioning.

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